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Get started with our clear aligners today for Rs. 10,000 + FREE SHIPPING

A Confident Smile at Your Convenience

With our commitment to excellence, we aim to provide you with a seamless and confident smile transformation from the comfort of your own home.

A Guarantee to Guard Your Smile for Life

Smilekaro stands behind its treatment with an aligner guarantee, ensuring your smile is protected for life. Say goodbye to worries about investing your money in the wrong place with our effective and invisible aligners.

Impression Kit Guarantee

  • We provide a risk-free impression kit with easy-to-follow instructions for making dental impressions at home.
  • Our Smile Specialists utilize Smilekaro's cutting-edge technology to carefully analyze your impressions.
  • An orthodontist-reviewed treatment plan is then created to successfully align your teeth.

Risk-free Guarantee

  • If our Smile Specialists determine that you are not a suitable candidate for our aligners based on your impressions, we offer a complete refund (excluding the price of the impression kit).
  • In the event of teeth shifting following your initial treatment, we provide new impression kits, treatment plans, and aligners at no additional charge to address alignment issues.
  • It's important to maintain necessary compliance during your treatment; failure to do so may result in a small cost for an additional set of aligners or retainers.

Lifetime Guarantee

  • Smilekaro ensures the longevity of your smile with a lifetime guarantee.
  • To qualify, purchase retainers from Smilekaro or any other brand and retain the receipt as proof of purchase.
  • It's crucial to wear your retainers as directed to maintain eligibility for this guarantee.

At Smilekaro, we are committed to your satisfaction and the lifelong success of your smile. Our revolutionary aligner guarantee gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Join the countless individuals who have experienced the transformative power of our aligners and take the first step towards a confident, aligned smile today.

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