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Get started with our clear aligners today for Rs. 10,000 + FREE SHIPPING


  • Smilekaro aligners are made of medical grade, transparent and BPA-free thermoplastic polymer film. 

  • Smilekaro aligners treat mild to moderate cases of misalignment including crowding, spacing, crooked teeth, and bite issues. Take our assessment test to determine if you are an eligible candidate.

  • To achieve effective results, wear your aligners for the prescribed time. You can only remove your clear aligners to eat, drink or brush your teeth.

  • The average duration of treatment is 4-6 months but varies by the complexity of each case.

  • Once your treatment has ended, you are advised to wear our custom-fit retainers so that your smile remains aligned for the rest of your life and your teeth don’t move back to their original position. 

  • You should be above 12 and all your baby teeth should have fallen out by the time you go for clear aligners treatment.

  • Yes, Smilekaro clear aligners treatment is more affordable compared to metal braces in Pakistan.

  • As a provider of remote aligner treatment, we do not own any dental clinics in Pakistan. However, you have the option to receive online assistance from our smile specialists throughout your treatment journey. Additionally, we have partnered with two clinics, namely Dento Clinic in Johar Town Lahore and Defence Dental Clinic in DHA Lahore, to facilitate customers by offering scanning services or assisting them in taking impressions as needed.

  • After taking your impressions at home, you can simply mail them back to us by using the prepaid return label included in the impression kit.

Oral Health

  • Smilekaro aligners work fine with restorations, provided your teeth have had ample time to heal. Our specialists will assess your impressions to determine if aligners are safe for you. 

  • We have an extensive and detailed screening process. If your dentist doesn’t recommend aligners, it may hinder the treatment

  • Yes, aligners are safe with implants. However, aligners will not move the implants and you can expect results accordingly. 

  • Take your aligners off and wash them with normal tap water or you can clean them with an aligners cleaner, but do not rub them hardly with a brush. 

Impressions & Treatment

  • Our home impression kit comes with an embedded QR code that directs you to a detailed manual of step-by-step process. Contact us if you require further assistance. 

  • No, impressions do not hurt but you may experience a gag reflex. 

  • Yes, our treatment is designed for mild to moderate cases of malocclusions. 

  • We use the highest quality material to make invisible and highly transparent aligners. Your aligners will be hard to notice and not interfere with your daily life. 

  • The treatment preview is a 3D smile plan, created by our smile specialists, showing the before and after of your teeth. After our smile specialists receive your teeth impressions and design your orthodontist-approved treatment preview, it will be sent to you for approval. If you are satisfied, we will fabricate your aligners and if you’re not happy with your treatment preview, you can always request a modification.

  • No, you do not have to visit the clinic anytime during your treatment. We have the best dentists in Pakistan onboard who will virtually assist you.

  • Contact our 24/7 customer support team immediately in case of any dental emergency during your treatment.

  • If you lose your aligners, you may need to contact our customer support team as soon as possible so that they can properly assist you in taking the next step.

  • After our smile specialists have received your impressions, it will take them 3 working days to finalize the treatment preview. It will be emailed to you at your provided email address.


  • Smilekaro clear aligners are very cost-effective. We are offering the best aligners price in Pakistan for just 90,000 PKR which is a limited-time offer. You can also opt for the installment plan and start by making a payment of 10,000 PKR. As your treatment process is remotely monitored, you will be saving on the cost of making frequent visits to a clinic.

  • Currently, we do not support payments through medical insurance. Visit our pricing page for more information on the available payment methods.

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