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Get started with our clear aligners today for Rs. 10,000 + FREE SHIPPING

4 Reasons to choose Smilekaro



We hope to add joy to your life by making you smile.



We intend to provide clear and transparent services.



We work hard to provide our services as promised.



We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

Our journey

Our journey

At Smilekaro, we believe that everyone deserves a confident and healthy smile without breaking the bank. That's why we created our direct-to-consumer aligner system.

Our journey began when we realized that traditional braces were expensive and inconvenient, making it difficult for many people to achieve their desired smile. After researching and experimenting with different teeth straightening options, Smilekaro discovered an opportunity to create a more  accessible and affordable solution.

How we standout

Expert Care

Innovated for comfort and clarity, our aligner treatment is clinician-guided, for accurate and safe teeth movement. We use the best quality material and leading technology to safely transform your smile.
How we standout Expert Care
How we standout Right Price

Right Price

Smilekaro aligners discreetly straighten your teeth without costing you a fortune. We strive hard to make our treatment affordable and accessible for you.

Faster than Braces

Smilekaro aligners tend to be a lot faster than traditional metal braces. Their flexible nature makes it much easier to straighten your teeth without any hassle in just 4-6 months.
How we standout Faster than Braces
How we standout Custom-fit for your smile

Custom-fit for your smile

Smilekaro aligners are fully customized and developed with the expertise of our smile specialists to give you an accurate 3D preview of your smile.

Affordable ways to smile freely!

Receive the best orthodontic care for less money. Clear Aligners solution to suit your lifestyle.

What else we have

Convenient delivery to your doorstep

Convenient delivery to your doorstep

Providing you hassle-free deliveries at your doorstep and making it easier for you.

Comfortable for <br> all-day wear

Comfortable for
all-day wear

Smilekaro aligners are trimmed to follow your gum line for a comfortable perfect fit.

No more <br> dental visits

No more
dental visits

No time-consuming dental appointments, get your teeth straightened from the comfort of your home.

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