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Get started with our clear aligners today for Rs. 10,000 + FREE SHIPPING

How Does Smilekaro Straighten Teeth?

Everyone deserves a perfect smile. That's why we've made straightening your teeth easier and more affordable than ever.
Sometimes you might feel that your smile could be more beautiful. But the expense in terms of time, money, and hassle looks high. Smilekaro promises to straighten your teeth at an affordable price with clear aligners seems too good to be true.
A free online assessment starts your Smile Journey with Smilekaro. Take the 30 seconds quiz to find out if you are a suitable candidate for our clear aligner treatment.

 Get Your Smile in 3 Steps

You're only three simple steps away from getting your ideal smile.  After taking our online assessment, there are three steps to start with Smilekaro.

Send Your Impression

If you are suitable for Smilekaro clear aligners, we will send you an impression kit as part of our aligner plan. You can take your dental impressions and send them back to us. From your dental impressions, our smile specialists will prepare your treatment plan. The treatment plan will be sent your way for approval.

Smilekaro Design your Smile

Based on your final treatment plan, we'll construct your aligners. Our aligners are custom-made of BPA-free, transparent plastic. Smilekaro’s latest technology makes sure that your aligners won’t irritate your cheeks and gums the way metal braces do.

Get Your New Smile Delivered

It's time to have your brand-new smile delivered to your home.  Are you excited about getting your personalized clear aligners?
Please follow the instructions after receiving your Smilekaro clear aligners box to begin your smile journey and get the best results as soon as possible. Starting at 10,000 PKR monthly, see the magic happen as your new smile reveals straighter teeth. Buy your aligners now! Wear the retainers that were supplied to you after your aligner treatment ends, so that your teeth remain in their new position.

What Set Us Apart?

Smilekero was started with a mission to bring healthy smiles by establishing clear aligners, a product, competing with the best in class. Led by our aspiration to be the preferred choice for orthodontists and patients alike, we drive innovation in our products and services to claim leadership.

We offer a more comfortable, convenient, hygienic, and easy-to-use option to overcome common orthodontic problems by introducing modern alternatives to conventional braces.

  • Offering 24/7 Services
  • Best Quality products
  • 3D Technology
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Straightening teeth without wires
  • Experienced organization 

Get a Lifetime Smile Guarantee with Smilekaro

The most beautiful thing you can wear is a smile. The more you smile, the more confident you feel. It's the main thing that changes everything. Straightening your teeth without wires and brackets is now possible with Smilekaro Clear Aligners. So you can choose Smilekaro teeth straightening in your budget and build your confidence.
Smilekaro has helped thousands of people to improve their smiles. so, make your decision fast. It’s simple. It’s convenient. Yet, very affordable! Smilekaro is all about making people smile. 

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