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Get started with our clear aligners today for Rs. 10,000 + FREE SHIPPING

3 Ways to start your Journey with Smilekaro

Don’t you want your smile to be beautiful like the celebrities you adore? Everyone deserves a perfect smile! And that’s exactly why Smilekaro is here.

Smilekaro provides FDA-approved clear aligners for teeth. It is an alternative to metal braces and a leading direct-to-consumer clear aligner brand in Pakistan, providing the most effective and efficient teeth straightening treatment.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are clear plastic trays that help to effectively straighten your teeth. Offering a more attractive alternative to conventional metal braces is the idea behind this kind of transparent treatment, to make the patient feel more at ease and confident.
Adults and teens are increasingly choosing clear as their treatment of choice, especially those who work in public and would prefer to avoid explaining their decision to straighten their teeth.

Let Us Explain Smilekaro to You.

At Smilekaro, we make customized clear aligners for each candidate after getting the case analyzed by our orthodontists on board. Our smile specialists, who make your aligners; are well-trained, and work under the supervision of our orthodontists. We offer;

  • High-quality material
  • Affordable product
  • Easy Installment plan
  • Effective teeth straightening 

Want to get started on your smile journey with Smilekaro but not sure where to start? You have got an option.
Here are three main steps to get started with Smilekaro.

Send your Impression

To begin your clear aligners treatment process, take impressions of your teeth from the comfort of your home with our impression kit. Just return it to us once you’re done and we’ll prepare your treatment plan.

Smilekaro Design your Smile

Our smile specialists prepare your 3D treatment plan showing a digital preview of the before and after state of your teeth, under the supervision of renowned licensed orthodontists. Once it’s ready, we send it your way.

Get your new smile delivered to your home

Are you excited to receive your customized clear aligners? It’s time to get your new smile delivered to your doorstep. Once you approve your treatment plan, you will receive your Smilekaro clear aligner’s box. You can start your smile journey by following the steps specified, to see the best results in no time. 

Benefits of Smilekaro Aligners:

  • They are completely removable. You can eat anything without discomfort.
  • During the treatment, these aligners enable you to practice proper and thorough daily dental hygiene.
  • Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you can get a preview of your smile journey. 
  • Compared to other forms of orthodontics, they are more comfortable.
  • In contrast to fixed appliances, our aligners do not cause sores or wounds.

Choose your Confidence:

The most beautiful thing you can wear is your smile. The more you smile, the more confident you feel. Straightening your teeth without wires and brackets is now possible with Smilekaro clear aligners. So you can choose Smilekaro clear aligners treatment in your budget and build your confidence.

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